Schamanistic methods

The schamanistic medicine is one of the oldest ways of helping people with physical or mental issues. In that regard I combine approaches from the western hemisphere (e.g. native americans and indigenous people as well als schamanistic tradition from the middle and east-european regions.

The base of all of those concept is the link between body, sould and spirit. Therefore you can help to improve health disorders at all of those levels. Causes for physical sensation could be anchored within a much more deeper level which cannot be reachead or perceived by our thinking. Also recurring intense emotions like anxiety, anger or shame could be driven by patterns which have been created in the early years of our life.

Soul / Spirit Animal

I can help you to get to know your soul / spirit animal and its very individual power. Journeys with the help of the spirit animals can help you to identify your inner beliefes and transform them step by step into a redeemed setting. You could improve your inner relationshop to different parts of your personality which will translate into how you behave with people and topics in your real life. 


The old runes are a wonderful tool to understand your current situation and future challenges. We can also create an individual rune stone / item for you and put a concrete intention into it e.g. to set focus in your life or provide support for a specific topic.