Classic medical consultation

By using medical anamnesis and physical examination we will get a first impression on your health burden and will jointly create with you an individual treatment plan.

Therapy with Breating and Self Reflection

With a longer process of inhaling and exhaling support by special kind of music we can resolve initial blockings. After the breathing period we will do a self-reflection journey to identify underlying believes and patterns.

Schamanistic Procedures

Schamnistic medicine of one of the world's oldest and thorough ways of treating physical and mental health issues.

Energetic treatment and Sound Bowls

The system of 7 chakras permeate the physical body and connect to the energetic system of the whole earth. Techniques who help to release those blockings could support classical treatments and allow the energy to flow seamlessly within your body. To get there I will use different treatments of breating and the work with soundbowls.

Human Design

Every human is born with an individual Human Design which helps to better understand the individual strenghths and how to use them in different situations of life.

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