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A warm welcome to my practice for holistic medicine.

More and more people intend to seek for alternative treatments beyond the moderne medicine to get help on their body and mental health burdens.

My work focus on the care of chronic conditions by combining different elements from our modern understanding of health as well as quite a lot of more traditional techniques I have learned over the last years. This includes methods from Latin-America, from the asian continent as well as origin elements from the european region. All of them focus on the holistic approach of combining bodys mind and spirit.

You can have sessions in my practice either in english or german language

best regards,

Michael Heinke, MD

— Please note we are an appointment based practice. Feel free to contact us either via phone, WhatsApp or the contact forumular. —

Telefon/WhatsApp: 0160-94985827

Holistic medicine is an approriate way to treat or support the treatment of the following conditions

e.g. lack of physical power, increased level of sleep, difficulty to concentrate

e.g. joint and muscle pain, athrosis, chronic back pain

e.g. problems to fall asleep or frequent awakaning during the night

e.g. depression (in addition to a Psychotherapy)

e.g. indigestion, reflux, food intolerance

e.g. erectile dsysfunction , ephasizing pain or shaming while being with the partner

e.g. Neurodermitis,  Psoriasis