Therapy with breathing and self reflection


"For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth" - Sanskrit Proverb 11


Get unconscious feers, needs or blockings into your emotions and awareness 


Bring all the emotions into your life

To breath means to live. And breathing accompanies us from the very first moment in our life until the end. Therefore you can sense every moment of your journey by taking a breath with full awareness.

When we breath in we not only transfer oxygen into our body but we also fuel our whole system with energy. Because of that we can actively breathe „into“ our physical and mental disorders, into fears and other emotion that might hinder us from being a fulfiled human.

Breathing out not only means to get rid of carbon dioxid but it also allows us to release other sensations from our body e.g. blockings, fears, stress and helps us to get more and more into a more relaxing mode.

I am using the technique of „breathing and self reflection pursuant to Keil“ to activate processes of mindfulness and release.